Allison is a nationally exhibiting NYC-based printmaking artist and educator. She actively participates in multiple print exchanges each year and is a member of the Southern Graphics Print Counsel. She attended research institutions for both her bachelors and masters degree, concluding in a terminal MFA in printmaking under Professor James Dormer, a former student of Mauricio Lasansky.

She has worked at various print shops, including a non-toxic shop and Takach Press and Paper Co. in Albuquerque.

She combines her traditional training in the medium with experimental and conceptual sensibilities, always learning new techniques and investigating ways to expand them.

Allison has taught intaglio, relief, foundations, and creative process at Colorado State University and Eastern Connecticut State University. She now teaches at New Jersey City University and works as a collaborative printer in the NYC area.  

Artist Statement

Humans are a colony under constant duress.
They chew at their collective tether by manipulating, ordering, and explaining the world. These actions ease the struggle between the oppression of the collective and the vulnerability of the individual.
My research investigates this disharmony between the group and individual will, and how that anxiety manifests into physical forms or actions.