Allison has taught printmaking and other courses in workshops, individually, and on the university level. Her teaching skill set includes:


Drypoint, engraving, pronto plates, non-toxic methods, copper and zinc intaglio, photo and aluminum lithography, silkscreen, risograph, solar plates, linoleum/wood relief, pigment dusting/flocking, oil and watercolor monotypes, pochoir, collagraph, chine-collé, stone lithography, solvent image transfer, acid etching (ferric, nitric, dutch mordant, copper sulfate)

Additional mediums and equipment

Oil and acrylic painting, darkroom photography, foundations drawing, digital art methods, life drawing, encaustic, watercolor, installation, paper-making, flat work restoration, digital photography, textile printing, woodworking, laser etching, CNC 


Sample syllabi

Creative Process

Intaglio and Relief


Student work