Lean-To Press: Collaborative Printing Services

Allison offers professional collaborative printing services for a variety of techniques including etching, lithography, collagraphs, and relief. All contract prints are made in the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (NYC) as part of their Printers Without a Press program. A small portion of every fee benefits the shop and keeps it accessible to the community. Services can include:


  • One-on-one instruction for non-printmakers looking to make a print
  • Advanced techniques for artists with prior printmaking experience
  • Individualized class for specific projects involving print techniques 
  • Transferring your design or image into the most suitable print method


  • Printing an edition (multiples) of your plate/stone/block by hand
  • Printing mock-ups or variable editions to test color combinations prior to an edition
  • Helping or overseeing the artist print experimentally or make monotypes (one-offs) 


Most small editions and lessons are charged hourly. For larger projects, a package price may be suitable. Please describe your project or needs the best you can in an email so an initial assessment can be made. Prices do not include materials such as paper, copper, or specialty inks.